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From the article: In the 1950s Cleveland’s light pollution began to make research impossible from this location. Eventually the building was sold in 1983, abandoned, and remained neglected until 2005 when a couple who planned on turning it into their residence bought the property for a mere 115k. Those plans were soon thwarted when the new owner was convicted of mortgage fraud. Since then the building has just been sitting and rotting.

Imagine someone doing a Grand Designs along this theme


So I’ve heard somebody wanted to see a gif of that moment when Brian Cox was ran over by Stephen Hawking. Here it is, I hope it loads.


Brian Cox demonstrating the halo effect. 

Our Physics angel

The Lulu Perspective To Celebrate 25 Years Of Lulu Guinness - September 13th, 2014


if you scream at 19yr old retail workers who are trying their hardest till they cry i hope you fucking burn in the deepest level of hell




Science Needs Women: 
For Women in Science; the L’Oreal Foundation 

I’m sharing this video on any platform I can because when I first found it last week it had something like 1,400 views, but it’s the most beautifully produced and succinctly narrated video addressing some of the most complicated issues facing women in STE(A)M fields I’ve found yet. 

I’m sharing this for every time I’m called a “feminazi.”

…for every time I’m told that my concerns aren’t valid, our that our issues are imagined.

…for every time I hear “women just don’t like science,” or worse - “women just aren’t good at science.”

…for every time we’re told that we can have a family or a career, but not both - and for every time we feel like we have to decide between the two.

…for every time a study comes out saying as many as 64% of women endure sexual harassment during field work

…for the fact that women earn 41% of PhD’s in STEM fields, but make up only 28% of tenure-track faculty in those fields.

…and because we need more women mentors in these fields to stand up for issues that are not “women’s issues” - these are people issues that affect our collective society as a whole.

The women in this video are my heroes and they should be your heroes, too.

And if you’re a woman, be your own hero. We need more of you, like, yesterday.